1723 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215


About Us

Special Education for Every Child

TLC provides a truly unique early childhood education experience for some of Brooklyn’s most wonderful children. We are a 4410 preschool providing services for all children, including those with physical, mental and emotional disabilities.  Our cheerful, friendly four-story building has thirteen classrooms and an amazing rooftop garden.  There’s a really fun playground and a sensory integration room where children can have lots of fun while they learn. All of our teachers are dual-certified early education experts, and we’ve got a team of experienced, high-energy teachers’ assistants– which means every child gets lots of one-on-one attention and individualized instruction.

Bright Futures for Brooklyn’s Children

Small class size, a commitment to helping every child grow, and an interdisciplinary team approach to early childhood education is a powerful combination that delivers results. For more than 25 years, we’ve been Brooklyn’s best early education option – for every child!

As a 4410 Special Education preschool, we’re ready to provide the comprehensive level of support children with physical, mental and emotional disabilities need to thrive. Our 13 classrooms include self-contained classrooms, providing the highest level of support, to fully integrated, inclusive classrooms. With a full time RN on staff, as well as speech, language, OT, PT and other health professionals in the building, TLC is the obvious first choice for Brooklyn’s families.

A rich, culturally diverse learning environment prepares children to thrive in a global world. In our school, you’ll hear many languages spoken, including English, Spanish, and Arabic. You’ll see children from many different backgrounds, with many different abilities. You’ll hear lots of laughter from the playground as children play, strengthening their bodies and their minds. Everyone works together to learn, grow and have lots of fun!

A Strong Foundation for Academic Success

Getting your children ready for school is a big job. TLC helps by providing expert instruction in pre-academics – the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic – along with core knowledge in health, science, and other developmentally appropriate subjects.

Teaching social skills is also central to our mission. We teach children how to interact with each other in a courteous, respectful manner while building the curiosity and wonder that are at the heart of lifelong learning.