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Pre-School Evaluation

TLC is a New York State CPSE provider.  This means that before your child starts attending TLC, our interdisciplinary team may conduct an Initial Committee for Preschool Special Education Evaluation (CPSE) to determine what needs your child may have.

During this process, our team is looking for significant delay or disabilities in one or more functional areas of development related to cognitive, language, communication, adaptive behavior, social and emotional or motor development which adversely affect your child’s ability to learn. Your child may need additional support in one or multiple areas.

There is no cost for an Initial CPSE, and any information gathered is kept confidential. This information is used to help us determine the right support and resources your child will need to thrive in preschool and beyond.

If a child is found to qualify for CPSE Services, the New York City Department of Education (DOE) will issue an IEP. Subsequently, all TLC services are provided and paid for by the DOE.


Donna Savino
Education Director