1723 Eighth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215


Pre-School Programs

Preparing Children for Bright Futures

Our large, cheery, four-story building is a rich, culturally diverse learning environment packed with expert educators and children who are developing all the skills and abilities they need to thrive when they enter kindergarten.

We provide excellent pre-school programming to three- and four-year-olds, with instruction available in English, Spanish, Arabic and many other languages. Our approach is based on the proven best practices of the research-based Creative Curriculum, which provides the fundamental cognitive, literacy and social skills vital for a successful transition into kindergarten and beyond!

An Integrated Team of Early Childhood Education Experts

With a staff of more than 80 early childhood education experts, the TLC team includes New York State certified Early Childhood Special Education Teachers, certified Teacher Assistants, a full-time Registered Nurse, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, a School Psychologist, a School Social Worker and Music Therapists.

This interdisciplinary team works closely to help your child develop to full potential, building skills and abilities in the following areas:

  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Social
  • Developmental

Your child benefits from having a team of focused, devoted experts working together to help develop to your child’s fullest potential. Everyone who works at TLC loves what they do and it shows!

The friendly, nurturing environment we’ve created encourages children to enthusiastically participate in their education.  Our classrooms contain children with differing levels of physical, mental and emotional abilities, preparing your child to form strong relationships with the diversity of people they’ll meet throughout their lives. A deep love of learning, a sense of confidence, and a firm grasp of core knowledge are the three most essential components of lifelong success – and that’s what students receive at TLC.

TLC provides a nurturing, enriching and optimally challenging early childhood experience for preschoolers who have unique developmental, educational, and therapeutic needs.

Students Make The Best Teachers

The children who attend TLC learn valuable lessons from each other every single day. We have an exceptionally diverse student body, with students from many different cultural backgrounds and developmental levels sharing every classroom. Children learn to treat each other with compassion and respect – vital social skills that will serve them well throughout their entire lives!