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At 4 years old, your child is becoming more confident and independent. The skills and knowledge your child builds now will serve them well throughout their entire life. TLC provides a nurturing, enriching and optimally challenging early childhood experience for your child so they’ll develop the academic and social skills they need while building a lifelong love of learning and achievement.

We have three integrated classrooms for four year olds. Each Classroom contains 15 children; 8 whom are developing typically with no IEP services and 7 of whom have an IEP and receive additional support with set therapies. There’s one dual-certified special education teacher per classroom and two teachers’ assistants.

To participate in our 4 year old preschool programming, your child must turn 4 on or before December 31st. If your child’s birthday falls after this date, we’ll be happy to talk to you about placing them in a three year old classroom or arranging their education with us starting in the next year.

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What Your Child Will Learn

Our 4 year old curriculum is designed to build the cognitive, social, language, and motor development skills of children who are typically developing and those with special developmental needs.  Your child will be well prepared for kindergarten. There’s a special focus on early academic and literacy skills. This is where the love of learning really starts! Children learn best when they’re having fun: that’s why you’ll see lots of smiling faces and hear lots of laughter when you visit TLC!

What Makes TLC Special

For over 25 years, we’ve been providing the best in early childhood education to Brooklyn’s children. In that time, we’ve learned what it takes to help all children thrive. We keep class sizes small to ensure your child receives a lot of individual attention – absolutely essential for developmental oversight and providing appropriate nurturing support.

Our interdisciplinary team also includes additional developmental specialists, such as speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists, who also assist in closely monitoring your child’s developmental progress.  The TLC professional staff also consists of a full time registered nurse, social worker, two psychologists, and music therapist, working as part of the TLC team committed to helping your child learn and grow to their fullest potential during their time with us.